Benefits and Drawbacks of Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a telephone system that dials a list of numbers in real-time and connects those who answer with the people making the calls. These people are often called agents. This system can be used by companies in several industries to increase the number of qualified leads.


The cost of a predictive dialer varies greatly depending on the type you choose and the number of lines your company needs. Some cost a few hundred dollars, while others cost hundreds of thousands. You can choose from hosted and on-premise solutions. Hosted solutions don’t require on-site staff, but you’ll have to pay for long-distance and extra minutes. Once you’ve purchased your predictive dialer, you’ll need to import your contacts, integrate your CRM, and set up your call script. Then, you’ll be able to run your outbound campaign and check the results. Some predictive dialers also offer the ability to communicate with customers via SMS and email.

Because of the speed of predictive dialer software, you can make several calls simultaneously. This dramatically increases your chances of connecting with a potential customer. It can bypass answering machines and put a live representative on the line when a call comes in. Predictive dialers can also detect busy signals and identify messages. They also can determine the number of agents you need and the average call length.


Scalability is one of the most essential characteristics of predictive dialers. It helps call centers meet their growing capacity requirements without needing custom hardware. Most predictive dialers are hosted in the cloud, which makes it easy to add more capacity when needed. Moreover, predictive dialers offer a wide range of compatibility.

Predictive dialers are highly effective in increasing outbound productivity. They analyze several factors, such as the average duration of each outbound call, the percentage of unsuccessful attempts, and the amount of downtime a customer spends waiting for a dial tone. By calculating these factors, predictive dialers can effectively utilize the resources of each agent. The resulting increase in outbound productivity can reach 400%.

Another benefit of predictive dialers is that they can reduce the number of repeated calls. Repeated phone calls from a company can be annoying to potential clients. Moreover, predictive dialers have a clever call allocation mechanism that allows them to eliminate redundant calls from the list.


Predictive dialers are a great way to improve the efficiency of your contact center. They utilize advanced algorithms to connect all available agents to calls. This can increase your call center’s efficiency by up to 25% and helps you to find more customer-agent opportunities. You can also customize these dialers to meet your specific business needs.

Predictive dialers are great for contact centers that have high call volume. They maximize agent productivity and customer engagement by reducing waiting time. But you must ensure your call lists are updated regularly so that your agents don’t get unqualified leads. Besides, you want the call list to be, at most, the number of agents you have because this will only lead to wasted time and hurt your ROI.

Predictive dialers can integrate with your call center software, CRM, and lead-tracking systems. They can even be used as a stand-alone application. And because they are cloud-based, you don’t have to throw out your call center stack to use this technology.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Predictive Dialers

A disadvantage of predictive dialers is that they can result in many dropped calls. This could hurt your business. In addition, predictive dialers are prone to bringing people on the phone before your agents are ready. They may also cause customers to hang up while waiting for an agent.

However, predictive dialers have a few advantages. They can be used for marketing campaigns and help you build your own list of customers. These systems also allow you to set your own targets and help you reach your goals more efficiently. Although predictive dialers are prone to high retry rates, they significantly increase your agents’ productivity. These systems can also increase the amount of talk time per agent.

Another advantage of predictive dialers is their ability to reduce your time on call screening. While you may still need to spend time maintaining a list of contacts, predictive dialers can cut down on this. By reducing the time you spend on phone screening, you can focus more on interacting with customers. Furthermore, predictive dialers can also increase your contact rate and the number of calls you can handle.